We Own All Of Our Inventory! No Consignments!


All vehicles are sold As-Is, there is no warranty. Here is the "dirty little secret" that no other dealer or individual is going to talk to you about. These are 30-40-50-60 year old cars and you can find something wrong with all of them . I am sure you, your mechanic, or your body man is going to find something that's "not correct", "wouldn't have done that way", or "deem unsafe for the road'. You can find something wrong mechanically, body work or something that doesn't function properly on every single car we have sold. I tell every customer that part of the fun in owning a classic is: "that you may have to fiddle with it a time or two or replace a part here or there".

That being said...I take a lot of pride in these cars. We do our best to provide you with a quality classic car but they are not perfect. We make sure EVERY VEHICLE is driven 30 miles down the road at highway speeds to our Service Center making sure we get to know them a bit. They recieve a fresh oil change and inspection making sure that headlights, turn signals, brake lights, wipers (unless they are vacuum operated), and speedo's work & we do check fluids such as automatic transmission, brake, power steering & coolant levels on every vehicle before it leaves as well as making repairs as necessary ensuring they are ready to drive! We put more money in these vehicles during the reconditioning process than MOST ANY DEALER and we do this because we believe it is the right way to do business.... just look at our Google Reviews!

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